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Frequently asked questions; if you can not find the answer to your query below, please contact us by visiting the contact page.


Q. How do I apply to join Wilkins Casting?

A. Model work only: To be considered please follow us on instagram @wilkinscastingagency and tag us in your best pictures using #wcascoutme

All talent work: You will need to submit an application via our website using the registration form. We do not accept postal applications. 

When our books are closed you are still welcome to join our mailing list and follow our social media accounts, our bookers will contact you when they re-open. If we do not have a place you will be declined; we respond to all applications.

If we are interested, you will be accepted on our books within 21 days. All applicants over 3 years to 17 should meet with us so we can assess their confidence and character. We receive a large amount of applications daily, so are unable to offer artists a good enough chance of securing auditions and bookings if we are not selective. 

Our clients also expect to only receive prime candidates from us, so our assessment process has to be thorough. For these reasons we can only hold a certain amount of ‘looks’ for each age group in the child division. If you are not accepted first time please give it a few months before trying again as our circumstances may change.

Q. Wilkins Casting Agency joining process explained

A. If we like the look of an applicant, and have a space available on our books, then you will receive an acceptance email. We are non-exclusive agency, however, any artist securing a major role will be contracted under a sole rep agreement with Wilkins Casting Agency.

Child Division:

The parent/ guardian is expected to complete the application form and following reading the contract, they will also be expected to sign on behalf of the child.

Crowd Tracker Pro (CTP) is the agency management system. It is how you are notified on the current castings and this will also be how the talent is paid following assignments. All the information entered in to CTP makes the same information easily assessable for the agency to supply to casting directors for potential bookings. Information such as location of the child, stats, headshot and contact details will be added to the system by the parent / guardian.

You will be notified when the probationary period has elapsed and the contracts are on a yearly rolling basis.

Adult Division:

The applicant is expected to complete the registration form online and following reading the contract (T’s & C’s) they will be expected to agree during the registration process..

Crowd Tracker Pro (CTP) is the agency management system. It is how you are notified on the current castings and this will also be how the talent is paid following assignments. All the information entered in to CTP makes the same information easily assessable for the agency to supply to casting directors for potential bookings. Information such as location of talent (bases), stats, headshot and contact details will be added to the system by the applicant.

Q. Do I need an expensive portfolio?

A. You do ‘NOT’ require an expensive portfolio to apply to any agency. Snapshots are fine so beware of companies claiming to ‘help’ or ‘prepare’ you for this industry. You do NOT need a portfolio to apply to any agency!

We sometimes receive in excess of 15 calls a day from parents, models & talent who have paid hundreds and sometimes thousands of pounds for completely useless portfolios, websites, z-cards etc. 

Companies who provide such things are NOT agencies and parents should be aware that any ‘reputable’ agency will insist on meeting and testing their own models under camera before signing them, regardless of any experience gained in a studio. Any agency that does not want to meet the child models and test them should be avoided as clients insist only those ‘capable’ of the task asked be sent. 

No agency will allow a child to present their own z-card to their client, nor supply, or use their own website to their clients. Adults can produce their own z-cards, but not their own website.

Q. Do Wilkins Casting accept all applicants?

A. No. We decline many applications daily to ensure we only have the right artists on our books. Our books close when we do not have availability, they open when we do. Our books are open all-year-round for babies and toddlers due to our client demand and the rate they grow. We have a huge amount of clients, so need a healthy portfolio of artists to offer for work. However, we must ensure we only take on those we feel will have a look that we feel will appeal to our client base and that we strongly feel will be an asset to our agency portfolio. This ensures that we have only the best artists on our books to offer our clients.

We can receive somewhere in the region of 50-100 applications daily and those who are successful are invited to meet their booker. We are an extremely busy agency securing work for our children & adults, so it would prove impossible for a booker to invite everyone to meet them and also carry out her regular agency duties. 

As we limit our numbers, the agency will decline most applicants due to space on our books. Our philosophy is to only accept an applicant who we feel would make a fantastic addition to our agency portfolio.

Wilkins Casting Children are cute, unique, have a great personality and a temperament to cope with the varying demands of this industry. Wilkins Casting Adults are reliable, eager & committed.

Q. What are the costs to join Wilkins Casting?

A. There are no fees to be merely represented by our agency. Our  Agency Roster is what clients use to select children & adults for work. We take a £40 admin fee from the first job booked with us on the Child contract (this is split per the first 4 jobs) and £40 admin fee from the first job booked with us on the Adult Division contract.

Q. What is our commission rate & are we an exclusive agency?

A. Both our Child Division & Adult Division agency commission is 20% for photographic, TV, Film commercial work, fittings and stage and theatre.

Wilkins Casting are a non-exclusive agency, where you can register with more than one agency; we just ask that you notify us of any other agency you’re registered with as a courtesy measure. We will automatically contract all artists on an exclusive basis if confirmed for a major campaign, or role (that will be for that particular job only and will revert to non-exclusive following). Signing with more than 2 agencies can become problematic, so bear that in mind and we ask that you list your unavailability dates on your profile to help us remain professional with our clients. 

Many clients will reject submissions from agencies for artists registered with ‘multiple’ agencies, so please be aware of this when joining more than two agencies. You must also ensure you list any work achieved and any other agencies you are registered on your profile to avoid licensing issues and/or conflicting work (see terms). The agency cannot take responsibility for a client rejecting a child / adult submission when registered with more than one other agency.

Q. How often can I expect work?

A. The amount of work an artist is booked for would depend on many factors. It is important to understand it is the client and not the agency who chooses the models & talent for their campaigns. No agency can therefore guarantee work and any who do should be avoided.

Some artists are booked regularly, some occasionally, whilst others may not be so lucky. We do however have an extremely high percentage of our children & adults out daily on shoots and auditions and can guarantee that we submit all those to clients when they are suitable and match the brief. We also ensure professional, ethical representation at all times.

We typically receive over 30-40 briefs a week (including weekends!) so as long as you have up to date photos and sizes you will be seen by our clients. We want our children & adults working as much as they do, that is where we earn our money!

Q. How much do talent earn?

All jobs are different and earnings will depend on the age of the talent, client, campaign and how much, how long and where the campaign is featured. 

Average rates are below (child rates will generally be half of these rates for some assignments):

TV Commercial – £100 – £180 day rate

Film & TV Extra – £70 – £110 (day rate)

Photographic – £25 – £95 per hour

Additional usage applies to tv commercial and photographic work £350 – £28,000, depending on territory and time

Commission is not applied to travel costs. Our agency commission is 20% for the child division and 20 % for adult divisions for photographic, TV, Film commercial work, fittings and stage and theatre.

The above rates are a guide; the agency will always negotiate for the best rate for a child and to secure the job. The more the child earns, then the more the agency does!

Q. Are travel costs reimbursed?

A. You are not normally able to claim travel back from castings or shoots. For any television work the chaperone would get a day rate of between £60-£100. Work secured abroad is always covered for travel and accommodation, rest days and work days. It should be remembered that nowadays castings are normally conducted by self tape or zoom, so no need to travel and no cost incurred to the artist.

Q. Child booking requirements and school?

Most auditions are between 4-7pm for school age children and during the day for those younger. Assignments will mostly be during the day so time out of school may be necessary. It is a professional working industry and our clients shoot times reflect that.

Most of these bookings come in with very short notice, usually the next day. Being available to attend will obviously increase an artist’s chances of success with us.

We would love it if you can make every audition but do realise that parents have work and other commitments of their own. We provide a calendar for you to inform us of holiday dates, or other general unavailability. 

If you cannot make it after you have confirmed, you must let us know. This will allow us to replace your child with another and give someone else the opportunity whilst not letting our client down.

The agency and client needs to get school permission for shoots held during school hours. Most schools are aware of how the industry is and a performers licence is obtained from your local education department which works with your school. Unless you land a permanent role in a feature film, TV show, or stage production, it will just be the odd day here and there. For permanent roles and touring, private education is always provided. Our bookers handle all licensing on your behalf with the client when the occasion arises.

Children will also require a chaperone when on assignments, this is generally a registered chaperone. This can be provided by the agency, local council or the parent can register to become a registered chaperone and provide their services for other children on our roster. If this is of interest to you, please get touch via email to find out more.

Q. How much will my agency photos cost me?

A. Absolutely nothing. We need recent professional photos of you in order to secure you work. We do however, offer the opportunity for our talent to purchase their images to use on other websites but for use on our website, it is free.

Q. What kind of experience do I need to be represented?

A. We work with experienced talent as well as those who are brand new to the industry- everyone has to start somewhere.

Q. How much notice will you give me for auditions?

A. Typically, casting directors give us appointments for castings taking place the following day. This means that we usually contact clients with about 24 hours notice although the nature of the industry often means you being expected to arrive for castings with just a few hours notice.

Q. Can I be represented by more than one agency?

A. We are a non exclusive agency, this means you are free to join any other agency if you wish to. Although, if you are offered to appear on a particular production through Wilkins Casting Agency, you will not be able to undertake the same production through another agency.

Q. What is a self tape?

A. It’s increasingly common for casting directors to ask actors to ‘self tape’ for a role instead of bringing them in for an initial meeting with an assistant. This means filming yourself reading the lines, using a smart phone or tablet (though a DSLR or video camera is fine if you have one).

If they like what they see on the tape, they will then bring the actor in to meet in person, or sometimes bring them straight in for a meeting with the director. This is a good thing, as it means that many more actors get a chance to be considered for a  role than would be possible with traditional first round meetings. It also saves you the time and expense of travelling into central London for a role that you might not be quite right for.

For further assistance or advice on how to make a self tape, do not hesitate to give us a call.

Q. I live a long way from Birmingham, should I apply?

A. We have represented clients from across the UK, and even overseas, so it’s certainly possible to be represented by a Birmingham agent even if you don’t live nearby. You should however bear in mind that producers will often consider talent with Birmingham agents to be ‘Birmingham based’, and won’t make any allowances for the additional time and expense involved in getting to auditions and assignments. We will always attempt to negotiate but as general rule, work secured for supporting artistes will not cover travel expenses to and from filming.

Additional Application Information

We cannot consider incomplete applications, or those with incorrect information.

We can only consider those who are permanent UK residents.

We are primarily a talent agency and submit our talent for model work too, not the other way around! You are welcome to apply without training, or experience.

We offer workshop days with casting directors and  actors and also offer free headshot update days throughout the year to update your portfolio with us.

If you only require model work you will need to follow us on Instagram and tag us in your favourite photos using #wcascoutme

Whatever our decision, we will respond and provide useful information to those who are not successful.

Your point of contact will depend on which division you are represented under, for the child division the senior point of contact will be our Child Division Team, or a more junior member of staff within that division. For the adult division the senior point of contact will be our Adult Division Team, or a more junior member of staff within that division.

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