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We are not currently accepting applications to join us.

Please check back periodically as we will reopen our books soon. Follow us on Facebook/ Instagram for updates!


Young Performers Division

Young Performers Division is currently closed due to reaching quota.

Artist Division

 The Artist Division is currently closed due to reaching quota.

Chaperone Division

 The Chaperone Division is currently closed due to reaching quota.


Modelling is a highly competitive industry. You not only need to look great, you must also be extremely motivated and professional with a good attitude and a great personality.

If you want to be a model because you think it’s all about glitz, glamour and parties then you are not right to be a model. The truth is modelling is a very tough business. Expect to be rejected for most of the jobs you go for especially in the early days and expect to work hard with early morning starts and late night finishes.

Watch out for bogus agents charging fees to join their books or for photographs to get you into modelling. Be aware of “photographers” on social media offering to do photographs for you with a hidden agenda. Although some experience working with photographers can be beneficial for building your portfolio, be prepared to do some research on whom you work with.

The majority of the paid work for models in the UK goes through the established agencies and we make our money from commission on the work we get for our models.


Acting is also a highly competitive industry. There are no set rules for the appearance of the supporting artiste therefore, requirements are more lenient with how you look in order to secure work.

Life as a supporting artiste consists of very early call times and may also have equally late wrap times. Days spent on set will usually be very long and there will be periods of time you’ll be standing around doing nothing. The pay is not great and there is not much of a career ladder.

However, supporting artiste work is good if you’re a beginner actor trying to see how a film set works. By doing background work, you’ll get a chance to observe how professional actors, directors and the crew work on a film set, what happens during a shoot and learn from it all. Working as an supporting artiste does not guarantee you will spotted on set to become ‘the’ main actor but you may be offered a walk on role where you may be required to deliver lines.

You rarely will have to audition for supporting artiste roles as you will be hired based on your look and sometimes on any experience you may have. As with modelling the majority of the paid work will go through the established agencies and we make money from the commission off the work we get for our supporting artistes.

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